Praise & Worship

Ushers/Praise Team/Bethel Praise Band

Worship and Music Commission

Areas of Responsibility: Ushers, greeters, children’s worship, choir, organist, pianist, special music, and other areas of ministry as assigned by the local board.

Sometimes when we are asked the question, why worship God?  Our answers are often vague because we take worshiping God for granted and never really thought about it.  The Praise and Worship Team worship God because he is great, powerful, our creator and we humble ourselves and submit.  This is true, but there is more to why we worship God.

Worship consists of both an attitude of deep respect, adoration, reverence and even awe.  God wants us to worship him and he expects us to respond to him.  Acceptable worship of God involves consciously choosing to worship and serve only him even in the face of temptation.

We endeavor to worship God as God because he deserves our worship.  Each Sunday as we lead the church into worship, we are telling God that our desire is to exalt him for he is holy.  Our desire is so strong that we realize that we need to worship him because he commands it.  We trust that God will continue to sing through us as we give him what he deserves.
Praise and Worship Team

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