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Mission Statement 2011

The Youth Ministry of Bethel Temple of Praise is committed to reaching and influencing the youths of this generation; encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our youth fellowship provides an opportunity for youths to exercise their gifts and talents in various activities, as well as formulate relationships through Christian fellowship and outreach. Our ambition is to promote a Christ centered life that will translate into admirable actions and attitudes.

Goals for 2011


  1. Reach and Influence (Evangelism)
  2. They will be involved in several major activities once a quarter & bi-weekly whereby they can exercise their gifts and talents.
  3. Comfortable Atmosphere (Fellowship)
  4. We will encourage sharing and fellowship with other youths
  5. Involve in Outreach Ministry (Outreach)
  6. The youths will meet regularly at the nursing home to minister to the residents and volunteer in the community.


SS3In life we are faced with many challenges that might either weaken or strengthen us. I am privileged that God has chosen to challenge me to minister to the youths and continues to strengthen me during this journey.
As a teenager, I have often had dreams of changing my environment. Today, I am thankful that God is using me to be a positive influence to the youths of today. Over the past years, as a youth leader, I had the opportunity to impact the lives of several youths in a good way. As fulfilling as that may sound, I still believe that God has a lot more in store for me and other Youth leaders.

As Youth Leaders, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the character of Christ. Being a Youth leader at Bethel is a platform that God has given me to tell others about Christ. My challenge then is to take advantage of this great opportunity and minister to as many youths as possible, being a role model and set an example. I believe that God has called us to make a positive impact on our culture and environment, consequently making it a better place. The scripture says that, “We are the salt of the World,” Matthew 5:13. At the end of my journey I want to know that the youths under my influence are better people because of me.

SS4I am humbled to know that even before I was born God has chosen me to be a positive influence in this world. And God in His infinite wisdom has placed people on my team that I have a divine appointment with to guide and encourage. I am able to develop relationships that are meaningful and caring, which will be with me forever. This experience has shaped me into being a more secure and confident person. There is a sense of peace that I experience when we meet on Friday nights, knowing that what I do for God is eternal and as an ambassador for Christ and the light of the world, I must chose to impact my environment otherwise the environment will influence me.
Let us pray that God will continue to use us as salt and light of this world penetrating our community with the qualities of Jesus Christ. – Patricia Hemingway

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