Jacqueline Jenkins

JackeBethel has provided a place of worship. I feel the hand of God mightily as we worship each week.  The joy of the Lord has captivated our hearts as we sing, clap our hands, raise our hands and dance before the Lord.  I find Bethel to be a place of refuge and deliverance where anyone can come in and be apart of the mighty move of God.  I have seen lives changed, the sick healed, people surrendering to God and spiritual growth in my life.
It’s also a safe haven for our children, where they can come in and share and fellowship.  At Bethel the kids are taught that they should know God not just know about him.  I have seen growth in our children, the shy ones are singing and praying, what a joy it is the see what God has done over the past six years.  We are united and as soldiers we are prepared for battle with the enemy.  We care for the loss and the wounded.  We pray continuously for each other and I think that’s what makes us a unique body of people.

We are eternally grateful to God and the mighty work he has done through the people of God.   On Behalf of the Praise Team we are glad to be apart of the higher calling of God and are mandated to carry on for Jesus. As Jesus bids us to go and make disciples of all nations, we want to minister to the loss souls and capture their hearts back to God.  We know that God is always with us even to the very end of the world.  We are determined to go Back to Basics:  Great Commandment, Commission & Compassion”, Matthew 28:18-20.

As we enter a new year and reflect on the previous year, we are indebted to God for his faithfulness.  The Lord has kept us and I say Thank You God.  Bethel family, keep your focus on God because with him all things are possible.  We are empowered by God’s spirit, and we are pre-ordained for greatness in God.

Come, fellowship with us. At Bethel Temple of Praise; there is a place for you where you too can experience the hand of God in your life.  Each week Pastor Jenkins challenges us by the word of God to live right, to talk right and to walk right.  I am praying earnestly that God will continue to Bless Bethel Temple of Praise for many more years to come.




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