Amaneita Wallace

A WallaceIt is with great joy that I write this message about Bethel.  When I think of the meaning of the word Bethel, it means House of Prayer.  A place where one can meet and talk with God.  Since I became a member of Bethel I have learned a lot, first I must say to God be the glory great things he hath done.  At Bethel I learn how to become a leader, to be effective in my leadership role, how to communicate and delegate responsibilities as a leader of the ladies department, also how to be a better witness for Christ. This has been truly a great privilege and an honor to serve in this capacity.
I can truly say we are being taught the word and how to portray Christ in our daily living.  We are given the tools to be effective in telling others about Christ without being fearful and this is truly a blessing.  We are taught how to walk the Christian walk.  The teaching here at Bethel is very effective for believers and sinners too.  Spiritually I have grown tremendously.  My daily walk with God has improved over the years.  The word of God has become a part of my daily routine and it feels good to be in a closer relationship with God.  There is still a lot more to learn, my ear is open, my heart is receptive and my mind is alert to be taught the word of God that will enhance my spiritual growth.  Thanks be to God who has given us the victory.
Bethel is a place where the importance of family is seen.  We are a loving, kind and caring group of people.  I would dare to say if you need a family who cares come to Bethel you will not be disappointed.  We love people and we share the love of God with everyone that comes through our doors.
What can I say about the word, Oh my God, the unadulterated word is taught here at Bethel.  The thing I love about my pastor is that whatever he knows he imparts to everyone so we can be effective in our Christian walk.  There is no shortage of the preaching and feeding of the word of God.  The worship is great.  I think we have a place where if you are lonely you can find refuge.  Thank God for Bethel Temple of Praise and may we continue to shine as a beacon for Christ.

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