December 28, 2014

The Wait is over: Christmas Message Part 3

Passage: Luke 2:22-38
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Today we want to look at two others. God used a man, a prophet named Simeon and a prophetess named Anna to help advance the story of Christmas and the message of salvation that has come to the world.

As a child we would often sneak a peek at the gifts to see if we could tell which one was ours and what was in the box. The impatient child was not going to wait until the appointed time but was willing to risk whatever punishment was to come because of their impatient.

In this world we live, wait has become a bad word. Kids are driven with an untamed impatience. The instant gratification is the badge of honor they live by. They want quick money and fame.

This is even more pronounced in the popular hollywood sagas. The life of the entertainment world has now become the bench mark of the excellent.

In the christian world we are encourage to wait on God. Waiting, patient and faith are all words that describe a devout Christian. Unlike the characteristic of the world we are challenged daily to wait on God.

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