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Our mission through the ministry of singing is to restore, heal, deliver and set

free. “It’s not by might or by power, but by my Spirit,” said the Lord. Every Sunday

the Praise Team leads the church into worship. Their desire is to always prepare a

place of worship and help to usher the church into the presence of God. The Praise

Team is led by Ministers Jenkins, Wallace and Hemingway.

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Our mission of is to encourage people who are single to celebrate their

singleness and make it a fruitful time spiritually and socially. SFC meets as a

group 1-2 times per month and our activities vary from gathering at church to discuss

topics or issues single people deal with, to attending or participating in social events.

Led by Sis. Kerry Godfrey and assisted by Sis. Norticia Graham.

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Our mission for our Sunday school is to provide a place of worship for our

people where they will learn about God and come to experience Him for

themselves, as well as to learn the Word. We want to see our young people

become deeper in Christ as they grow. Marcia Ricketts is our Sunday School Director,

assisted by Sis. Niki Monroe.



Our mission seeks to support the evangelistic outreach program of the church.

We assist with the transportation of our members to and from our services, safely.

The Transportation ministry is led by Deacon Armstrong.



Our mission is for our ladies to grow spiritually and continue in fellowship

together. The ladies desire to be better examples and mentors to the young ladies at

Bethel. Minister Malcolm and Sis Andrea McIntyre leads our Women’s ministry.

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Our mission for the Youth Choir is to reach the hearts of children of all ages to

see the love of God, and peace of God through Music. Sis. Norticia Graham leads

the Youth Choir.



Our mission is for The Youth Ministry of Bethel Temple of Praise to be

committed to reaching and influencing the youths of this generation;

encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our

youth fellowship provides an opportunity for youths to exercise their gifts and talents

in various activities, as well as formulate relationships through Christian fellowship

and outreach. Our ambition is to promote a Christ centered life that will translate

into admirable actions and attitudes. The Youth ministry is led by Minister Pat and is

assisted by Sis Brittany Within the Youth Ministry. There are several youth leaders as well as there are several small groups including, Drama Team and Intelligently Designed (Young Ladies small group).



Our mission is to use our voices to minister through songs so that souls can

come to Christ. The Choir leads the Church in worship through songs. The choir

ministers on special occasions. Minister Jenkins is the leader of the Gospel Choir.



Our mission is to provide a comfortable atmosphere, whereby anyone who

enters the doors of Bethel will feel the radiance of the Lord as they interact

with each other while worshipping Christ. This ministry oversees the upkeep of

the sanctuary and provide snacks for our various services. They also help with the

ushering. The Hospitality ministry is led by Deacon Hemingway and assisted by

Sister Camele and Sister Jennifer. Deacon Derrick Wallace leads the ushers and Sis Althea Trew & Imani are in charge of the greeters. Sis Godfrey provides leadership for the beautification team.

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Our mission is to always be at the place where we can intercede on the behalf

of our church, and all those who come in contact with us, as well as to give

honor and glory only to God. The prayer team serves as the foundation to our

church by covering Bethel’s ministries in prayer. They lead the monthly fasting

sessions on 1st Sundays and the weekly fasting sessions on Wednesdays. The

Intercessory Prayer ministry is led by Missionary Wallace and assisted by Sister




Our mission is to provide encouragement for couples as well as to develop

healthy married relationship. We seek to provide a time and place for spiritual and

social connection. The MCM will desire all married couples (male and female) to live

out their relationships in light of our biblical mandate.



Our mission at Bethel is to empower men and boys for Kingdom service

through education, fellowship and service. Our Men’s ministry is led by Deacons

Wallace and Hemingway. The men meet once a month for a time of fellowship and

spiritual development.

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Our mission for the Music ministry is to create a music ministry that is centered

on worship and not just playing instruments and singing. Giving God our best

because He deserves it. Which means we practice and strive to get better at all times

because what we do is for His glory. The Church band is the musical support arm of

the Praise and Worship ministry and is led by Minister Derrick Wallace, Rohan Grayson sound engineer.

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Our mission is to be a witness for Christ through compassionate deeds and

evangelism, using the various methods available to us. For example: food

distribution, tract distribution, Internet and radio ministries. The Outreach ministry is

led by Pastor Godfrey.


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