Fulfilling our Vision

Fulfilling Our Vision

Fostering Strong Families: Our Goal is to provide a church that is aiding in the development of strong and healthy families.  We desire to provide workshops, counseling  and resources that will foster this goal. Not only do we want to help families become stronger but we want to see broken families restored.  The foundation of our belief is that a healthy family is the cornerstone of a healthy and productive society.

Sending Teams of Disciples: As our church grows it is our desire to become a missional church sending out teams of individuals to help support other churches and minister to local communities.  The main purpose of the Church is to bring the gospel message to everyone; one person at a time.

Involvement in Church Planting: Church planting is one area that can help to advance the gospel, as such we want to become a church that is actively involved in church planting.  We want to be able to help plant churches, train church planters and provide resources to church planters.  

Developing Disciples:  It is our desire to develop disciples that are holistic in their approach to missions.  They should be obeying the Great Commandment, Fulfilling the Great Commission and demonstrating the Great Compassion.

Developing Leaders: The next generation leaders are our young people.  We desire to be a church that provides an atmosphere that advance the development and training of youths.  Our youths play an integral part in our church services, this serve as the first step in leadership training and development.  They are involved in Sunday School and Youth activities that is preparing them to serve and lead.

Involvement in Outreach: We want to provide a place that is connected to the community.  Therefore, we desire to provide both spiritual and physical support to members of the community through various ministry activities.

Providing a Place of Prayer: Prayer is the key and any Christian who wishes to obey the directions of God must develop a healthy prayer life.  So we want to be a church that is always challenging and providing the atmosphere of prayer.  Since prayer drives all aspects of worship, Bethel is a place of worship.

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