Carlton Godfrey

CarltonBethel Temple of Praise is a place for individual growth and learning through participation. There is a sense of belonging created through loving, respectful and committed relationships. At Bethel God is the sole proprietor who is an equal opportunity employer (whosoever will may come).
Since its inception, the power and the presence of God has been evident in the lives of the congregants. Love is demonstrated through unselfish giving of time, talents and treasure. Members have rediscovered and activated their abilities that have been dormant for years.  All they needed was a medium through which they could exercise their God given gifts, in a non- competitive atmosphere to bless and edify the body of Christ. Bethel provided the answer.
As a Church, we can only boast of what Christ has done through us. We are his treasure in earthen vessels and so, he has blessed us for us to bless others. We believe in prayer, therefore, prayer is always offered for our members, family, friends and neighbors. Not everyone is called to preach or sing, but everyone can pray and exercise their gift of faith and witness. Bethel gives this opportunity!
Come on over to Bethel, you will be valued as God’s creation, you will learn to pray, you will grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you will never be unemployed!

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